Using Language Symbols and Texts

Using language, symbols, and texts is about working with and making meaning of the codes in which knowledge is expressed. Languages and symbols are systems for representing and communicating information, experiences, and ideas. People use languages and symbols to produce texts of all kinds: written, oral/aural, and visual; informative and imaginative; informal and formal; mathematical, scientific, and technological.

Students who are competent users of language, symbols, and texts can interpret and use words, number, images, movement, metaphor, and technologies in a range of contexts. They recognise how choices of language, symbol, or text affect people’s understanding and the ways in which they respond to communications. They confidently use ICT (including, where appropriate, assistive technologies) to access and provide information and to communicate with others.

Maths Pro

Maths Pro

This badge can be unlocked by completing a mathematical project showing an understanding of how maths is a part of everyday life.

Allude to It!

Allude to It!

Find and explain an instance of allusion in a literary text

Essay Expert

Bring all your knowledge on a topic together in a logically structured essay.

Movement Ninja

Make choices of how to move through space to demonstrate understanding of role and situation. 

Space Cadet

Make meaningful choices in a dramatic space focusing on placement and proximity.

Outside In

Understand the inside by looking at the outside: Demonstrate an understanding of relevant social and/or historical contexts of a specified text.

The Soul of Wit

Write a complete collection of scene summaries for a Shakespearian play.


See between the lines: Identify and explain the use of a figurative language device in a specified text. 


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