Maths Credentials

Maths is the subject where you are likely to develop all your faculties of logic and rasoning. This page contains the credentials that are typically unlocked by work in the English classroom. Don’t be restricted by that idea – if you’ve met the criteria, you’ve unlocked the credential – no matter where you are when you do it.

All available Maths credentials are listed below – and if you’re logged in, you’ll see which ones you have yet to unlock.

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” Albert Einstein







Credentials that certify you have acquired key knowledge


Credentials that certify you have demonstrated mastery in a specific skill


Credentials that acknowledge virtues in your engagement in your learning and the life of the school


Credentials that validate your ability to apply logic and other cognitive approaches


Put it all together to create something that has an impact on the world

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