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1 Reason

Identify and explain the use of a figurative language device in a specified text. 

To achieve this badge, you need to identify a figurative device in a specified text and logically explain how it develops a wider idea presented in the text.


  1. The language device must be clearly labelled and identified.
  2. Explain how your identified language device logically and reasonably develops a wider idea of the specified text.
  3. A relevant quotation from the specified text must be given to support the observation of the device and its effects.


FIGURATIVE ABSTRACTION: Symbolism, Metaphor, Metonymy, Synecdoche.


This badge can be unlocked in both verbal and written contexts. It could be completed as a stand-alone task or as part of a wider learning opportunity.

This badge can be unlocked in a during a class or individual text study.



Reason – Figurative Language Exemplar

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