Chris Waugh is a teacher of English at Mount Aspiring College in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. He podcasts with his colleagues Renee Plunkett and Gena Bagley. We share our ideas, experiences and the ups-and-downs of daily life at the chalkface.

What is this all about?

Threaded through the podcast are artifacts that we collect from an ‘ordinary’ teaching week that fill us with wonder, delight – and sometimes abject horror.

In 2019, we are embarking on an ambitious project to convert our system of assessment at the college into a modern microcredentialling system. In doing so we are looking far and wide for assistance and input to ensure the baby doesn’t go out with the bathwater.

You’ll hear from some of our esteemed colleagues in the educational firmament in New Zealand – and abroad – as well as the voices of our students and community.

You can be heard too – email us at any time on [email protected] or contact us via twitter on @edutronic_net

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SMAC022 True Student Choice

An Al Jazeera Documentary that explores this student choice project as Chris implemented it during his time in London This Year's Student Choice course outlines.


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