Essential communication skills are learnt in Drama. We learn to use our bodies and our voices precisely and competently to communicate whole meaning to others. We find meaning in the world by understanding people through what they do and say.

It is the place of exploring and discovering who we are within a larger society.  These badges are comfortably unlocked in the drama classroom but they also apply across all learning areas. If you can show the skills then you get the badge. Be courageous and be your best you!

All available Drama credentials are listed below – and if you’re logged in, you’ll see which ones you have yet to unlock.

Movement Ninja

Make choices of how to move through space to demonstrate understanding of role and situation. 

Space Cadet

Make meaningful choices in a dramatic space focusing on placement and proximity.

Outside In

Understand the inside by looking at the outside: Demonstrate an understanding of relevant social and/or historical contexts of a specified text.


Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.


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