Some say your learning in English underpins all your school learning – it’s the language we use to learn, after all. This page contains the credentials that are typically unlocked by work in the English classroom.

Don’t be restricted by that idea – if you’ve met the criteria, you’ve unlocked the credential – no matter where you are when you do it.

For more information about how English programmes work, feel free to read our blog entries on the subject. All available English credentials are listed below – and if you’re logged in, you’ll see which ones you have yet to unlock.

Allude to It!

Allude to It!

Find and explain an instance of allusion in a literary text

Essay Expert

Essay Expert

Bring all your knowledge on a topic together in a logically structured essay.

Outside In

Understand the inside by looking at the outside: Demonstrate an understanding of relevant social and/or historical contexts of a specified text.

The Soul of Wit

Write a complete collection of scene summaries for a Shakespearian play.


See between the lines: Identify and explain the use of a figurative language device in a specified text. 


Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.


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