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Essay Expert

Objective: Write an essay.

To unlock this credential, you need to write an essay of at least 800 words that logically develops/communicates an idea/responds to a given statement


  1. Must be a minimum of 800 words and use writing conventions with minimal errors.
    1. Spelling, grammar and punctuation is mostly accurate. 
    2. Tense and viewpoint are consistent throughout the essay 
    3. Appropriate syntax is used consistently. 
  2. Material is organised into effective paragraphing. This includes: 
    1. One point is developed in a single paragraph
    2. There is a connection between the paragraphs to ensure the essay develops an idea as a whole. 
    3. Paragraphs are ordered logically i.e. in chronological order, as laid out in the introduction, to build on the previous idea.  
  3. Addresses the given statement or established thesis clearly throughout the essay.
  4. Uses essay structure and conventions effectively. This includes: 
    1. Clear introduction, body paragraphing and conclusion
    2. Integrates source material
    3. Utilizes connective phrases



This credential could be unlocked as part of a larger body of work in a class. It must be submitted in a written format. Some contexts could include: 

  • A text study in English
  • A case study in social science
  • In response to a study completed in Drama



Below is an example of the type of work you might submit in order to unlock this credential. 

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Essay Expert Exemplar”

Bring all your knowledge on a topic together in a logically structured essay.
FIRST PUBLISHED: November 28, 2019
SUBJECT: English



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