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Demonstrate knowledge of the basic acting style of Victorian Melodrama. In your performance, you will deliberately use a selection of techniques to demonstrate your knowledge of the presentational acting style. 

You will choose a role from this list:

  • The Hero 
  • The Heroine 
  • The Villain 
  • The Villain’s Sidekick 
  • The dutiful servant 
  • The Overbearing Father 

Demonstrating your knowledge by:

  1. Using, in an appropriate Melodrama scene, at least three identified performance conventions from the list below: 
  • Presentational stance/mode
  • Declamatory vocal style including strong projection 
  • Dramatic tableaux held for three seconds  
  • The long walk 
  • The sigh 
  • The swoon 
  • The aside 
  • The Pose – codified gestures recognised by the audience. 
  1. Your performance needs to be in a scene with at least one other actor. 
  2. The scene must be at least two minutes long. 
  3. When questioned, you must be able to identify moments in the scene where you used specific conventions. 



This credential could be unlocked as a stand-alone task or as part of a broader learning opportunity. Eg An audience performance of a mini Melodrama or an in class exercise. 


Demonstrate knowledge of the basic acting style of Victorian Melodrama through performing a short scene.



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