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Allude to It!

Explore how a literary allusion adds meaning to a text. 

In order to unlock this credential, you need to be able to explain how an allusion develops your understanding of an element of a text. 


  1. Accurately identify a moment in a text where allusion is used by the author. 
  2. Identify the context surrounding the allusion i.e. social and historical information that allows the reader to gain an understanding of what is being alluded to. 
  3. Explain what meaning the allusion brings to the text. 
    1. Discuss how the allusion develops the specific element (character, setting, theme, genre) that it is directly related to. 
    2. Explore how this then relates to the text as a whole and the ideas being presented. 


This credential can be unlocked in any study of a literary text- self or class directed. It can be submitted in written or verbal contexts. It could be unlocked as a stand-alone task or as part of a larger body of work. Common instances where this credential could be unlocked might be:

  • A literary study in English, Drama or Social Sciences. 
  • During your personal reading time.



Below you will find an example of the kind of work that would unlock this credential. 

Allude to It! Exemplar
Find and explain an instance of allusion in a literary text
FIRST PUBLISHED: December 4, 2019
SUBJECT: English



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